Bill of Fare


We take great pride in the preparation of our tea. We don't just hand you a cup with a little bag of tea leaves in it. We measure the leaf, time the infusion, and deliver the tea to you just the way you like it. All of our teas are available either in glassware to enjoy in the tea tavern, or in an environmentally-friendly "to go" cup if you're on the move. We save and compost all of the used tea leaves.

We'll make you a straight cup of tea either hot or iced, and we won't judge you if you'd like to add some sweetener or milk. After all, there's no wrong way to enjoy a cup of tea!


Almost all of our teas are available as lattes as well. We give you a choice of milks, typically 2%, whole, half-and-half, soy, almond, and cashew, although the selection does change. Whether it's a masala chai, a London Fog, or any of our other teas, nothing is made from prepared syrups or powders (well, the matcha is powdered, but that's a different story). We heat and froth the milk, steep the tea in a milk-water mix, sweeten it if you'd like, and present it to you either hot or iced.

We also make boba tea right—no snow-cone syrups in our boba! We cook up the tapioca pearls fresh for each cup (this takes about five minutes), and we'll use any of our teas as the base and give you your choice of milk. Most of our bobas are prepared in a cocktail shaker right in front of you, so it's fresh, frothy, and bubbly.

For traditionalists, we'll be happy to prepare you a pot of tea for yourself or to share with friends. We use cast-iron pots and cups to make sure your tea stays hot. We also do matcha Japanese-style; whisked in a proper chawan (tea bowl).


Our bill of fare changes every day. Our focus is on simple, hearty foods; our boards are designed as a filling meal for one person or a shared snack for a few. We also offer a half-board for lighter appetites. Check our Facebook page for each day’s specials.

The House Board


House boards feature a cold meat (the picture above shows gravlax crusted with our "Bush Fire" blood orange rooibos and brown sugar), a paired cheese (a red-rind Muenster in this case), and a loaf of our fresh-baked house multigrain bread. We rotate daily bread specials, but the house bread is always available.

The Cheese Board


If you’re not interested in meat, our cheese board is just the option for you. Each board offers three cheeses—one is the same as what’s being served with the house board—and changes up every day. Pictured is a crumbly goat cheese, pepperjack, and a Dubliner white cheddar. We mix up soft and hard cheeses, and usually offer at least one goat or sheep cheese option.

Matcha Muffins

We have a selection of locally-made muffins baked with matcha green tea. We always feature our signature avocado-blackberry muffin and the decadent double chocolate, and the other options change regularly. Some of our recurring favorites include carrot cake, apple butterscotch, strawberry pineapple, and banana walnut.


We also offer various flavors of shortbreads and breakfast cookies. Check in for details.