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Fascinating, both novel and tasty. The Amaterasu is a fermented Yunnan white tea from Pu'er Village fermented in the traditional style of Pu-Erh, but kept white, never broken, fried, or oxidized. It comes out smooth and sunny, very much like a baimudan, but with interesting undertones of earthy Pu-Erh. At the affordable $50 price point for a full 357g brick, this one's a solid option for any curious!

Amaterasu — Fermented White Tea Brick

PriceFrom $45.00
1 Ounce
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One-time purchase
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$47.50every month until canceled
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$45.00every year until canceled
    • Break 7g of leaf off the brick per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water
    • Break chunks into several smaller chunks
      • For both of these steps, consider using a pu-erh knife to break the chunks, or use your fingers for the smaller, more manageable pieces.
    • Use 75°C/165°F water
    • Steep for 4 minutes, strain leaves, and enjoy!