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Breathe. Relax. Take a moment. Need a tea to help? Perhaps we can be of service.


Supreme is an exceptional traditional ceremonial-grade matcha out of Nishio, Aichi in Japan. This tea is everything you could posisbly hope for in a matcha, of the absolute highest quality, just the best matcha on the market. Supreme is a great tool for relaxation, meditation, impressing guests, whatever you want, with all the flavor that a traditional Japanese matcha-drinker would seek!


We heartily suggest getting a Matcha Starter Kit with this one, as it's best drank when prepared "properly." Not to mention it'll really impress your friends.

Supreme — Top-Shelf Ceremonial-Grade Matcha

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  • Suggested tools: Matcha Bowl, Matcha Whisk, Matcha Spoon.
    If you wanna get started, consider a Matcha Starter Kit!

    • Prewarm a ¼ liter (≈8 oz) glass (or a bowl, if you're traditional).
    • Use ¼ liter (≈8 oz) of 80°C/175°F water in the vessel.
    • Use 1 tsp of powder, or a full scoop from a traditional matcha spoon.
    • Whisk thoroughly until there is a fine froth, then drink without straining.

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