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Jasmine Phoenix Pearls, our store's namesake, are made from the top two leaves and the bud of the new season growth in late March and early April. These delicate leaves are hand-rolled into small pearls. When you infuse the pearls with hot water, you'll see the leaves and bud come to life. The small, downy hairs on the leaves are an indication of superb quality and careful, delicate handling.


The extraordinary flavor of the Phoenix Pearls comes from the time of plucking and manufacture, and from the fresh spring jasmine blooms. The pearls are made only from leaves picked in the first three weeks of the new season, when the jasmine bushes are in spring bloom. The fragrant jasmine blossoms are layered between the tea leaves to allow the aroma to infuse the fresh pearls.


If you appreciate a fine jasmine tea, look no further, for this is truly your Journey's End. This jasmine is second to none and dwarfs all others. The incredible subtlety of the flavors wash over your taste buds, bringing you to such a state of bliss that you'll never want to give another jasmine green a second glance. Try it today, and let it change your life.

Phoenix Pearls — Rolled Jasmine Green Tea

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1 Ounce
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    • Use 5-7 pearls per ¼ liter (≈8 oz) of water, though the water is approximate. Feel free to use more water and allow a longer steep.
    • Use 80°C/175°F water
    • It should be ready inside of 3 minutes, but drink immediately with the pearls still in the bottom.
    • It will infuse as you drink, so taste the change in flavor, wait as long as you like, and feel free to refill regularly.