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Need your tea fix, but something a bit sweeter? Crave the taste of fruit, but juice just ain't cutting it? Heard the rumors on the street about our delightful teas, but find yourself stuck, unsure of what to buy short of the fact that you know that fruity teas will do the trick? Then allow us to present to you our Signature Fruity Tea Box.


With this box, depending on which box you'd like, you will wind up with a selection of tiny bags (half the size of our Small) of our best tea blends made In-House with our own recipes, teas you'll not find anywhere else, all of the fruity persuasion. Some will be best straight-up, some better with milk, some as a latte, who knows? The particular teas you get will be decided by the level of box you select.


* Wooden box in picture is for display only. The wooden box is not included, this product only comes with loose tea.

Signature Fruity Tea Box

PriceFrom $20.00

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