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Chinese gunpowder green tea, originally produced in the Zhejiang Province, is a green tea where each leaf has been rolled into a small round pellet, so the leaves look like black powder grains. Gunpowder tea leaves are withered, fried, rolled, and then dried. Rolling renders the leaves less susceptible to physical damage and breakage and allows them to retain more of their flavor and aroma. One of the most popular green teas throughout the ages, the Gunpowder Green has a more noticeable body than a Dragonwell or a Bi Luo Chun with more intense vegetal flavors, though in the grand scheme of green tea, one would hesitate to call this anything more than a medium-bodied green. Smooth and delectable, this should please any green tea fan.

Powderhorn — Classic Gunpowder Green Tea

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    • Use 7g (≈2 tsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water.
    • Use 80°C/175°F water
    • Steep for 2 minutes, strain leaves, and enjoy!