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Long ago in the American west, one soft drink ruled the markets. Sarsaparilla. Brewed from the root of the sarsaparilla plant, commonly infused with sassafras, this drink took America by storm. In the 50's, sarsaparilla was found to be a carcinogen, and outlawed. In this modern era, however, the government doesn't care much about what's a carcinogen and isn't anymore, so it's totally legal!


Seriously, guys, it's fine. This tea is totally drinkable, just don't chew on the root itself all day.


This rooibos-based herbal is spiced just enough to make a pleasant sarsaparilla soda replacement. Now many might confuse this flavor with root beer, but let us tell you, it's definitely different. While root beer is creamy and sweet, rolling down your throat, sarsaparilla bites and snaps on your tongue with a similar flavor, but none of the creaminess, and far less sweetness.

Lakota Dawn — Sarsaparilla Rooibos

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    • Use 7g (≈1 tbsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water.
    • Use boiling (90°C/195°F) water
    • Steep for 4 minutes, strain leaves, and enjoy!