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Driven by cause, champions and paladins, with the power of their oath, heal with a simple touch, mending wounds. This tea may not mend cuts and bruises, but it will work to help hard days and emotional wounds, Especially with a little milk & sugar.


We do love our chocolate teas. So we went a little overboard on this one, making it decadent. With a Shu Pu-Erh base (which always pairs just so well with chocolate), this one is loaded with flavors of white chocolate, wild strawberries, hibiscus, rosehips, needles of white tea to smooth out the end flavor, and… Honestly, just trust us on this one. It’s amazing. Try it out as a latte. If you make the latte with sugar, it’s almost like a strawberry cheesecake. If you make it without sugar, it’s chocolate-covered strawberries. This one feels emotionally like what we imagine friends of a noble Paladin feel when they Lay on Hands after a tough combat.

Lay on Hands — White Chocolate Strawberry Shu Pu-Erh

PriceFrom $7.75
1 Ounce
    • Use 7g (≈1 tbsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water.
    • Use boiling (90°C/195°F) water
    • Steep for 2:30, strain leaves, and enjoy!