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Long ago, in a Totonac kingdom in what is now northern Veracruz, a beautiful princess named Tzacopontziza (Morning Star) was born, and was so beautiful, her parents promised the gods she would be a gift, kept "pure" and "unsullied" for sacrifice when she came of age. As such, she was forbidden from marriage to mortals (Totocan kings & queens were believed to be demi-gods, like the Egyptians). One day, upon wandering the city, she met with a Prince from a nearby city, Zkatan-Oxga (Young Deer). He knew she was not to be looked upon, as even staring too long would anger the jealous gods, but he couldn't help it. Neither could she.


They met in secret, and upon their love-at-first-sight, they ran off into the jungles, hoping to escape to another nearby city where they could be together anonymously. But it was not to be; they were tracked through the forests by guards. The two fought back, and the guards beheaded them. Frantically, they took the heads back to the capital and sacrificed them ceremoniously to the gods for forgiveness. Years later, when wanderers came upon the site of their execution, they found that where their blood spilled, the Xanat plant grew from their undying love, a vine crawling up the trees producing a black pod with the sweetest smell, now known as Vanilla.


In honor of this legend, the legend of the first people to discover Vanilla (on the record, anyway), we present a tea named for the princess herself. We chose the English translation, as people have a hard enough time with some of our teas. The Morning Star Mexican Vanilla Masala Chai is made with real Mexican vanilla from the Yucatan Peninsula. We blend it with our house masala spice blend and a traditional black tea with just enough bite. It's incredibly smooth, sultry, and overall delicious. Pairs very well with whole milk and just a touch of sugar.

Morning Star — Mexican Vanilla Masala Chai

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