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The Shadow's Song is a smooth, sultry black tea with prominent malty & earthy flavors, with light undertones of sweet molasses.


The Name
The name derives from the Warcraft Mythos, specifically regarding the character of Maeve Shadowsong. She was a Night Elf Warden tasked with watching over a dangerous elven war criminal, one infused with potent demonic energies, Illidan Stormrage. She watched his cell, ensuring his safe keeping for 10,000 years. Upon his release against her will, he went rogue and disappeared. She chased him to the ends of the earth, only to kill him on another plane of reality entirely.


Feeling out of touch with her mission in life, no longer chasing her charge, she fell away into depression for many years before Stormrage was ressurected by dark magics, only to join her side of the fight against the demonic hordes of the Burning Legion after all. When Stormrage was tasked with being the jailer of a demonic god after the Legion had been defeated, she fell back once more, confused about her lot in life, with her charge having returned, but now locked away in an astral prison acting as warden, no longer her problem.


This tea comes from her story of duty, vengeance, and eventual release. The Shadow's Song has a story to it that takes time to read, sipping it slowly to leaf through the pages. Flavors are subtle, taking effort and time to draw out. While the scent might betray a hint of bitterness and astringency, the taste itself is smooth, silky, almost sweet. Just like Maeve may once have been dark and bitter, but is now free from her chains of duty, unsure of what to do with her freedom, this tea tastes like a sweet release from the dark, bitter black teas most are used to, and an escape into a soft, smoother experience that one might not even see coming upon first glance.

Shadow's Song — Malty & Earthy Iranian Black Tea

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    • Use 7g (≈1 tbsp) of leaf per ½ liter (≈17 oz) of water.
    • Use boiling (90°C/195°F) water
    • Steep for 3 minutes, strain leaves, and enjoy!